Dear friends of SIA all over the world:

Update of the earthquake news and Request of translation into your own languages for your people and the world!

I believe you know well what has happened in Japan as majour media in the world have been reporting widely.

In Japan all of TV stations have devoted their time to reporting the most up to date situation only in Japanese language except regular news hours in NHK.

So, as professional international business consultation, and translation and interpretation house we determined to establish multi-language reporting through SIA's network requesting translation of our reporting into your own language. If you are interested in assisting your countries' people please send me your e-mail offering your help. This is voluntary basis, so there is no payment, and we also request you to post such in information after your own translation.

Please look at my e-mail communication to Mr Mealy Truong as one example. As I said at the moment the best way to get what has been happing in Japan is NY times and Washington Post, see hereunder updated one attached. But those data are quoted mainly from Japanese Media. But SIA has our own network information, and dispatch these information to the world not necessarily to help Japan, but help your own people.

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Dear Mr. Mealy Truong:

Thank you for your quick response.

I will wait your call while you are in short transit stay in Narita on March 14th. By the time I have strong belief we will handle the situation better and start not only reconstruction of the devastated facilities and learn and work for the better based on this experience and lessons.

At the moment my concern is foreign residents in Japan especially in the devastated area including your country, Cambodia's students. At the moment all TV news media in Japan have been offering up^to-date information only in Japanese,

So my request to you, a former Cambodian Ambassador to Japan, is translation of SIA East Japan Earthquake Report in English and Japanese to French and Cambodian. I have been working to establish this information network using SIA's network since 1994.

With best regards,

Kenji Sasaki

If you would like to know more about outcome of the Gigantic Earthquake from down to earth perspective you may get it from us.

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