Dear friends of SIA:
August 9th, 2011

SIA's Season's Greeting and Speech Request of your thought about Current Economic situation of the world and your mother country!
Speakers of other issues in English and Japanese are welcomed too.

How have you been? I am Kenji Sasaki of SIA Inc.

I hope this letter finds you well. This summer in Japan is not so hot as last summer, and I am rather afraid relatively cool and rainy weather may have some bad impact on farming in Japan this fall..

Yesterday Stock markets all over the world dropped sharply and today Asian markets have shown weakness again, three to five percent drop as 11: 30 am Japan time

I believe you have your own thought and know well your own mother country, so I am requesting again please let me share your thought by making a speech at SIA International Forum this Saturday, August 13th and next Saturday August 20th. As I am planning to make my own speech about the issue we may have the session called SIA economic forum.

So if you can help us to share your thought it will be a very interesting unique session.

The speakers of other issues are wellcomed too. So please help us in making some speeches at SIA International Forum or recommending some one you know.

Hereunder you can find the message to explain SIA International Forum.

August 9th, 2011


I am writing to invite you to make a presentation at the Saturday forum held at Sasaki International Academy, every Saturday.

This Academy is a unique institution in Nagoya. While partly modeled on a US community college, it integrates other related areas of business. It offers classes in a wide variety of practical subjects, including preparation for tests such as GMAT and TOEFL. Through SIA Litterarum, its translation and interpretation service, it offers opportunities for students studying these disciplines to obtain actual work experience.

Since opening in 1994, the Academy has succeeded in placing many students in graduate and postgraduate programs abroad, and has undertaken high quality work for a variety of clients.

The core of the Academy’s approach has always been a sense of community, and a commitment to a spirit of free enquiry and discussion. Thus, the Saturday forum is an essential part of the Academy’s activities. Every week, an invited speaker makes a presentation on a subject in which they have expertise. While the time allotted for discussion is 90 minutes, attendees can usually be relied upon to ask questions in the last half-hour. On some occasions, students of the Academy will provide sequential translation.

I would be extremely grateful if you would consider making a presentation of a subject of your own choosing. You would be guaranteed an interested and receptive audience. It would also be an opportunity to meet Japanese people from a variety of walks of life, and forge contacts. I regret that we are unable to offer more than a contribution towards your expenses, but you would also be cordially invited to participate in the second part of the forum, an open discussion.

The presentation normally runs from 1pm to 2.30pm, with the open discussion starting at 3pm and running two hours.

Please let me know if you would be interested in making a presentation at our forum. Regarding the schedule of your speech sooner is better as time flies fast. I would be happy to furnish any other details upon request.

Yours sincerely

SIA Inc.

Kenji Sasaki, CEO

By the way, please be aware we are now in the new office and check the address hereunder before your visit. For your convenience attached is the map from JR Nagoya station. New location is better and closer to Nagoya stations of railways.

The way to SIA from Nagoya JR Station

The way to SIA from Nagoya JR Station

SIA Inc.: Sasaki International Academy
The Second Senpuku Bldg. 2F
Meieki 3-23-6 Nakamura-Ku
Nagoya-shi, Japan 450-0002
Tel 81-52-566-5526, Tel & Fax 81-52-566-5528
The opposite side of Nagoya Castle Plaza along Sakuradori
No 10 exit of Unimall if you come underground from Nagoya stations
e-mail siabest@sun-inet.or.jp
Professional House of International Business and Education:
Consultation, and Translation & Interpretation for the World!




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