Dear friends of SIA all over the world:

Thank you for your concerns and sending e-mails regarding the earthquake hit Japan yesterday.

When the first earthquake hit northeast part of Japan, I could quickly guess the earthquake is more serious than the one hit Kansai in 1995 as SIA's office waved for some time not only once, three or four times too, though Nagoya is away more than 500 km.

And wherever you are now I believe you have been informed devastation taking place in Japan, but we are good, so far I have not heard any of the people related with SIA and me personally suffered.

Taking into account your easiness in obtaining the information in English about what have been happening in Japan, and how well Japanese have been handling this unfortunate natural disaster, I will recommend to look at the articles of New York times hereunder.

By the way SIA is planning to move new location soon by the end of this month to improve our facility and offer better services to our students and corporate clients in Japan and serve better clients all over the world.

Three months after I established SIA and opened the office at this location the earth quake hit Kansai and three weeks before our opening new office the greater earthquake hit Tohoku. We are determined to do our best better for Japan and the world.

By the way still I am working all year round too, so when you have an opportunity to visit Nagoya, please visit us as our new office is closer to Nagoya Station in April and thereafter.

Devastation as Tsunami Crashes Into Japan
Early reports indicate hundreds may have been killed by the waves that followed the 8.9-magnitude quake, the strongest ever recorded in Japan.

Emergency Declared at Japanese Nuclear Plant
The Japanese government evacuated thousands of residents after a mechanical failure in the cooling system.

Japan's Strict Building Codes Saved Lives
Perhaps no country in the world is better prepared to withstand earthquakes and tsunamis than Japan.

Away From Japan, Tsunami's Effect Is Diffuse 1:37 PM ET
Japanese Firms Assess Quake's Effects 11:06 AM ET
The Lede Blog
Updates and Video of the Quake and Tsunami, in Japan and Elsewhere
Television networks across the world carried dramatic footage, some of it live, of the tsunami that hit Japan.

See how hard we work and how well we manage to overcome this Natural Disaster.

We will serve you as a gate way to Japanese business as we have done since 1994.

With best regards,

Kenji Sasaki
SIA Inc., Nagoya Japan

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