HUMANITY FIRST JAPAN (HF Japan) at Meitoku Nagoya's acitvity at IWAGIRI SHO GAKKO, Miyagino-ku, Sendai

HUMANITY FIRST JAPAN (HF Japan) at Meitoku Nagoya's acitvity at IWAGIRI SHO GAKKO, Miyagino-ku, Sendai

Support Activity in Sendai by HUMANITY FIRST JAPAN (HF Japan) at Meitoku Nagoya

I am glad to inform you that SIA got the information about the support activity in Senadai bu HUMANITY FIRST JAPAN (HF Japan) at Meitoku Nagoya.

Please see the message hereunder sent by Mr. Muhammad Abdullah, Coordinator News & Finance of Humanity First Japan chapter.

Sorry Sasaki san

I have been engaged with our group activities ,in the morning, so could not briefed you about our activities in sendai.

I will explain the details as below:

Our group name is

Office at Meitoku Nagoya

We have our parent group, who were involved in many past disasters worldwide (including Tsunami Indonesia) Earthquake in Pakistan, Haiti etc. Our main home page is : http://www.humanityfirst.org.uk.

We are not from pakistan only but of many nations jointly working in 38 countries across 6 continents. To view the other international operations, please visit: Humanity First International Website: http://humanityfirst.org/

We were in Kobe Earthquake, in Niigata and now in Sendai.

After the big earthquaked shocked Japan in Miyagi,Iwate,and in Fukushima we responsed as below:

Friday 11 Mar: We have decided to go and made preperation to buy some raw materials (food) to cook there

Sat 12 Mar - team deployed from Nagoya to do assessment

Sun 13 Mar - team stops overnight in Koriyama (Fukushima) with 3 trucks of supplies

Mon 14 Mar - team arrives in Sendai and sets up camp to serve food and water to 1,000. Backup team is on the way with further rations.

Wed 16 Mar - HF given responsibility for one of the evacuation centres in Sendai (IWAGIRI SHO GAKKO, Miyagino-ku, Sendai)

Now they are there and every day 2 times serving hot meals to 600 people staying there.

There were many TV channels including foreign channels (TV Asahi, NHK and FUji Tv) broadcasted us in their channel but they have not prpperly expressed the name of our org.May be later on they will correct.

We are working volunteerly for HUMANITY FIRST.

Thanks and I will update you later. Here are some photos taken by our group there.

I am acting as Coordinator News & Finance of Humanity First Japan chapter. We have some japanese volunteer members to assist us there.

Let us pray for all Japanese to be out of this critical days.

Muhammad Abdullah
Coordinator News & Finance
Humanity First Japan chapter

I believe people in Tohoku and all over Japan have been encouraged and inspired by their activity, and hope steady improvement of the situation stricken by the earthquake.

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